Your Autumnal Colour Palette

When you think of Autumn you think of fallen leaves, which seem to be every shade of orange, red, brown or yellow. They are muted hues, which are rich, warming and inviting.

Using a mixture of colours, textures and patterns when you dress your table, or space for dining, is a simple way to create a mood that enhances the experience of eating and dining.

With the weather holding us back from taking in the Autumnal splendour outside, we decided to bring the beauty of the season inside, and staged our picnic table, aka our dining table, to make it feel like we were outdoors.

We used vibrant oranges, striking reds and lashings of blue. We added some fabrics printed with retro patterns to add contrast and to make our table seem inviting and welcoming. By keeping the flatware simple in colour and form, the food was front-and-centre and took its place as the real star of our banquet.

Roast veg and halloumi salad

As the old saying goes – we eat with our eyes as well as our stomachs. So if you want to get more from your food, some simple plating and staging tips to try could be:

  • Why not try using different pieces of fabric, or doilies or a mix of napkins to create a layered look, and
  • For a more rustic setting, use a range of chopping boards, or plates and flatware of different colours and sizes to create interest, and make your food ‘pop’.

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