Food Truck Menus

Our food truck can tailor a menu to suit your wedding or event. Some of our most popular food truck menus are listed below

Taco Station

Choose 3 options

Tex mex bean taco with spicy veg salsa (VEGETARIAN)

Pulled pork taco with slaw and chipotle

Beef taco with tomato salad and green chilli salsa

Chipotle pulled chicken taco with slaw and salsa

Cauliflower tacos with tahini and herbs (VEGAN)

Texas BBQ Bunz Station

All served with slaw and chipotle mayo

Choose 3 options

Smokey pulled veg bun (VEGETARIAN)

Sweet pulled pork bun

16 hour Brisket bun

Spicy pulled chicken bun

Low and slow lamb bun

Pimped Up Toasties

Choose 3 options

Jalapeno tripple cheese toastie (VEGETARIAN)

spicy capsicum and halloumi toastie (VEGETARIAN)

Sloppy joe toastie

Roasted veg and pesto (VEGETARIAN)

Toasted Rhuben

Caprese toastie (VEGETARIAN)

Croque monsieur

Croque madame

Bloody Mary Burger Station

All served with salad, mayo and our Bloody Mary Sauce 

Choose 3 options

Beef rib burger

Pulled chicken burger

Lamb belly burger

Halloumi Burger (VEGETARIAN)

Bacon and egg burger

Pork shoulder burger