Food Station Menu

Our food station menu replaces our old canape menu as they quickly become a thing of the past. This menu ensures all guests are catered for. you can choose options from any of the stations, allowing you to create a street food market theme at your event. It’s a great way to offer a relaxed food offering while still committing to safe food service. We can tailor the menu to suit your event so if there is a dish you don’t see that you were hoping to include, just ask…. We’re surprisingly accommodating.

Burger/Sliders Station 

Cheese burger sliders

Chipotle chicken sliders

Pulled pork Sliders

Brisket Sliders

BLT sliders 

Curry Station

Pumpkin and fish curry

Goan chickpea and zucchini curry

Lamb saag 

Butter chicken

Beef rendang 

New Orleans Station

Prawn po boy


Red beans and rice

Chicken etouffee


Chicago Food Station

Italian Beef sandwich

Chicago Dog

Buffalo wings

BBQ pulled pork bun

Old fashioned milk donuts 

Vietnamese Street Food Station

Salt and pepper tofu or squid with coriander salad

Bahn mi

Bun cha – pork vermicelli 

Spicy green papaya salad 


Taco Station

Tex Mex bean taco with spicy veg salsa (VEGETARIAN)

Pulled pork taco with slaw and chipotle

Beef taco with tomato salad and green chilli salsa

Chipotle pulled chicken taco with slaw and salsa

Cauliflower tacos with tahini and herbs (VEGAN)

Texas BBQ Bunz Station

Smokey pulled veg bun (VEGETARIAN)

Sweet pulled pork bun

16 hour Brisket bun

Jerk chicken burger 

Beef rib burger

Pimped Up Toasties 

Jalapeño triple cheese toastie (VEGETARIAN)

spicy capsicum and halloumi toastie (VEGETARIAN)

Sloppy joe toastie

Toasted Reuben

Brisket, horseradish and baby spinach toastie

Pulled pork and pickled slaw toastie 

Three Stations $40 per head

Four Stations $50 per head