Autumn produce

Autumn is a great time to enjoy a second taste of Summer, with a number of the fruits and vegetables in season usually served when the sun is blazing, rather than beginning to hideaway before the cold sets in.

You might be surprised that this time of year is a salad lover’s delight, with a number of leafy greens and vegetables considered salad stables, such as tomatoes, cucumber and peppers or capsicum, at their fresh best, when the weather starts to cool.

Maybe it’s nature’s way of allowing us to hold on to Summer, at least through our tastebuds, with tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya also in season during Autumn.

We capture the warming and fresh tastes of Autumn, with a simple vegetable and halloumi salad, which makes stars of veggie stables carrots, pumpkin, onion and sweet potato. Our barbecue sweet corn and warming Sangria, also give the palate a lingering taste of Summer and sunshine.

We’re lucky here in Australia to have access to an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables all year round, but by cooking with, and consuming produce when it’s in peak season, not only will we save money as greater supply reduces the cost to the consumer – nutritionists say our health will benefit, as this is when the produce is most rich in nutrients.

This month we’ve showcased delicious avocados, tomatoes, sweet corn, fresh chillies, figs and spinach, and made stars out of those sweet baby capsicums that are around at the moment. If you can’t find the baby variety, roast capsicums, especially the red, orange or yellow varieties for an in-season alternative. We mixed up the palette with some fresh and frozen berries, and added zesty, in-season citrus, to our packs-a-punch sangria.

Fresh and simple is the way to showcase the best of Autumn’s fruit and veg. Check out our recipes for more inspiration, or why not try to incorporate some of the season’s best into your favourite recipes to enjoy a taste of Autumn.

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